Broadway On Deck is an exciting new web concert series that we'll be airing on the All Things Broadway YouTube channel. Once a month we will bring the stars of tomorrow to your computer screens singing the tunes of The Rigano Songbook. In addition to this videos of the individual performances will be available to watch on The Rigano Songbook YouTube channel and sheet music to select songs from each episode will be available to purchase in our shop.

Broadway On Deck... On deck!

This sneak peak preview of the upcoming series features the talents of Lauren Morgan (The Little Mermaid, You Heard It Here), Richard Spitaletta (The Lightning Thief, Me the People), Morgan Siobhan Green (Between the Lines, Folk Wandering) and Amanda Nicholas (Bayside the musical, Wild Women of Planet Wongo). All songs from this episode will be available soon.


The first official episode of Broadway On Deck featuring performances from Jenny Paul (Holy CowsThe Looming Tower), Ian Brodsky (Begin AgainYou Heard It Here), and Esjae (HairBroad City) singing songs from The Holy Cows of Credence South Dakota and "I Ought to Behave" and other Naughty Songs.

Broadway on deck:

episode 1

Broadway on deck:

episode 2

In this second episode of Broadway On Deck we hang out with three more incredible names you should know, Katie Ladner (WickedBe More Chill), Marissa Ghavami (Not Fade Away, Healing Tree), and Doug Shapiro (Once Upon a MattressHoly Cows of Credence South Dakota).

It's a special episode of Broadway On Deck featuring three new composers. Alex Sage Oyen performs a song from his new album Feelings and Blood, Kristen Lee Rosenfeld brings Christina DeCicco (WickedEvita) to sing from her musical Divided, and Bonnie Gleicher brings Brent Michael Jones to sing from their Off-Broadway show Addy and Uno.

Broadway on deck:

episode 3