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Ian Brodsky, Alexandra de Suze, Esjae, Jody Smith Harper, Adam LaSalle, Olivia Manlove, Amanda Nicholas, Alexander Sovronsky

"Beware the Ides" - Ian, Alex, Esjae, Adam, Amanda

"Zagat Guide" - Adam

"Find Me" - Esjae, Olivia

Paul and David Make it Rhyme: "Your Song" - David, Paul

"Gone Too Far" - Adam

"It Ain't Over 'til It's Over" - Ian with Alex, Esjae, Adam, Amanda

"Baby Butterfly" - Alex, Jody

"Ham and Cheese" - David, Paul

"And Here I Am Again" - Olivia

"Until You Walk In the Door" - Amanda

"I'm Proud" - Ian

"When This Is All Over" - Jody

"Can't Stop" - Ian, Alex, Esjae, Adam, Amanda

"Accept Your Fate" - Full Company

"Don't Eat Yellow Snow" - David, Paul