Who Is Rigano Songbook?

David and Paul Rigano make up the award-winning cabaret and musical theatre songwriting team The Rigano Songbook. Together they have written the musicals You Heard It Here and The Holy Cows of Credence, South Dakota and created the hit cabaret series The Ides of March Extravaganza and "I Ought to Behave" and other Naughty Songs. They received the Best Score award for their NY Winterfest production of You Heard It Here and were 2018 Sokoloff Arts Fellows.

Their song "What Makes a Diva," written for Christina Bianco, has been viewed over 10,000 times on YouTube. Most recently, their song and video "Screen to Screen," featuring over 40 singers, won the Rave Theatre Festival's Social Distancing competition.



Listen to the full demo album of The Holy Cows of Credence, South Dakota.

Virtual Ides of March

The 7th Annual Ides of March Extravaganza had to cancel its live show due to the pandemic shutdown. So our intrepid performers filmed all their material and the entire show is virtual!

"Screen to Screen"

We won the Rave Theater Festival's Social Distancing competition with this video featuring over 40 performers singing and playing as they adjust to the new reality of social distancing in the time of Covid-19.



What's next for Rigano Songbook?

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