Songsmith and Playmaker

David is a New York City based musical theatre writer, director, and teacher. He is the creator of the musicals Awaken: a Sleeping Beauty musicalGet the DuchessWe Were WildThe Holy Cows of Credence South DakotaFacing East the musical, and the award-winning You Heard It Here (Best Musical Score, NY Winterfest 17). His cabarets include The Rigano SongbookThe Ides of March Extravaganza, and his biggest hit "I Ought to Behave" and other Naughty Songs.


As a director, David has been involved in plays and musicals, including Can I Really Date a Guy Who Wears a Yarmulke?, Nutcracker! the Musical, Me the People Off-Broadway, and Wild Women of Planet Wongo Off-Broadway at Parkside Lounge and in Chicago at the Chopin Theatre. David went virtual during the pandemic and directed the award winning "Screen to Screen," thehourlong variety special The 8th Annual Ides of March Extravaganza, and the virtual musical We Were Wild.


What have they said about david?

About Me the People

"This show is guaranteed to make you laugh. Guaranteed."

Sarah Downs, Front Row Center

About Facing East

"Quite the music to be treated to! ... A challenging and compelling evening of music 'rhapsody' whose strains are quite unlike normal stage musical fare."

Broken Leg Reviews

"David Rigano's music is wonderfully diverse with identifiable themes running through it."

Mark Robins, Vancouver Presents

About Wild Women of Planet Wongo

"Directed with flavorful energy and precise pacing by David Rigano..."

Jon Sobel, BlogCritic.org

"... joyfully and lovingly directed by David Rigano..."

Huffington Post

About Holy Cows of Credence, South Dakota

"... music and lyrics by Paul and David Rigano fit in the world of the show... abundant lyrical puns to incite laughter..."

Wesley Fruge, NYTheatre.com

About "I Ought to Behave" and other Naughty Songs

"If you are not offended by outrageous language, you will laugh hard and long at [David and Paul's] antics!"

Joe Regan Jr., Times Square Chronicle